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Increase Your Brand Visibility

Use these opportunities to increase your visibility and reach up to 3200 Radiology Professionals worldwide.

Meeting Preparation Email: $2,000
One week prior to the meeting, in-person and virtual registrants receive an email with important information to prepare for the meeting. With an over 75% open rate, this makes this an excellent means to reach an engaged audience with your message.

Banner advertisements
(468 x 60) are available for $2,000 on meeting portal.

On-Site Emails: $3,000
In-person registrants receive daily emails from ARRS with meeting updates and announcements. More than 65% of attendees open these daily emails, making this the ideal way to reach registrants participating in the meeting.

  • Beverage Break: $5,000 each
  • Floor cling: $750 each
  • Hotel Key Cards: $5,500 (one opportunity)
  • Lunch table tent cards: $5,000
  • Escalator clings: $5,000 (2 opportunities)
  • Photo Booth: $4,500 (one opportunity)
  • Puppy Play area: $6,000 (one opportunity)
  • Mobile App Gamification/traffic builder: $750 (Multiple opportunities)
  • WiFi Sponsor: $15,000 (one opportunity)
  • Interview room: $2500/day (from 7 am – 3 pm)
  • Small reception space in Hynes: $2,000 (from 5 pm – 8 pm)

Bonus Option/Symposium Upgrade: $10,000

Extend your visibility, upgrade the Symposium sponsorship post conference, where ARRS will offer your symposium to all of the 18,000 ARRS members.

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