Screening Patient Pathways Across the Pond: Highlights and Challenges for Radiology in the UK and USA

Understanding the requirements of today’s healthcare environment, the importance of evidence-based practice, and the associated challenges is necessary for an effective screening program. 

In this ARRS Global Partner Session, featuring the British Institute of Radiology, speakers will review current practice standards for screening lung and female breast cancer in the UK and USA. Speakers will also address the common and comparative techniques and challenges of maintaining an effective screening program.

Course Director

Aliya Qayyum


Stephen Keevil, Michael Michell, Reginald F. Munden, Bethany L. Niell, Nicholas Screaton

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn current screening recommendations for breast and lung cancer in the UK and USA.
  • Understand the basis for screening guidelines.
  • Understand pitfalls and limitations of screening.
  • List requirements for implementing effective screening.

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